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We run a restaurant.
We cater events.
We deliver.
And we have a food truck for special events!

1703 Butcher Shop Rd Mifflintown, PA 17059  •  Phone:
(717) 436-6666

Mifflintown's Favorite Family Restaurant for Finger-Lickin' Good BBQ

At Smoke House Griddle, our goal is to offer our customers authentic BBQ food and friendly service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We're passionate about cooking and it's a dream come true to open our restaurant so we can share this passion with the Mifflintown, PA community. From the day we first opened our doors, we've made a promise to ourselves and to our customers to serve the most fresh and delicious barbecue using only the finest ingredients and a commitment to quality. We continue to uphold this promise by making sure that every dish that leaves our kitchen is the best it can be.  We only serve what we would eat....and it looks and smells oh so good!

We invite you to come visit Smoke House Griddle today and try it for yourself!

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Meet the Smoke House Griddle Family

When Robert isn't driving his rig, he is smoking pork, chicken, beef, and sometimes alligator! His whole family helps him run the restaurant with love and dedication to each other and their customers. They only serve what they themselves love to eat!

Robert enjoys coming up with new menu selections that are often served on his food truck at fairs and special events. Be sure to follow him on Facebook so you know where to find his food truck! 


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